Are You Protected Against Police Lidar Speed Traps?

Poice Lidar GunToday police in the US will issue over 112,000 speeding tickets 25,000 of which were issued by a police officer using a lidar gun.

Your Radar Detector Will NOT Protect You During a Laser Speed Trap Encounter!

Many radar detectors manufactures claim that their products will protect you in laser enforcement, however this is a lie, here is why.

As the officer is targeting your car through the scope of their gun he/she is simultaneously pulling the trigger, transmitting a narrow beam of invisible light, which is then reflected back to the laser gun, and instantaneously your speed is displayed to the officer.

Because of this the only way you can defeat this type of enforcement is to jam the officers lidar gun, making your car invisible to this type of enforcement.

Laser Jammer Reviews

There are several good laser jammers on the market today which will protect you in this type of enforcement, but there are also a lot more being sold that are completely worthless.

Because of this we have created this website to assist you in selecting the best laser defense system that is just right for you.

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